produces, producing, produced
(The verb is pronounced [[t]prədju͟ːs, AM -du͟ːs[/t]]u>. The noun is pronounced [[t]prɒ̱djuːs, AM -duːs[/t]]u> and is hyphenated prod+uce.)
1) VERB To produce something means to cause it to happen.

[V n] The drug is known to produce side-effects in women...

[V n] Talks aimed at producing a new world trade treaty have been under way for six years.

2) VERB If you produce something, you make or create it.

[V n] The company produced circuitry for communications systems...

I'm quite pleased that we do have the capacity to produce that much food.

3) VERB When things or people produce something, it comes from them or slowly forms from them, especially as the result of a biological or chemical process.

[V n] These plants are then pollinated and allowed to mature and produce seed...

[V-ed] Acid rain forms when gases produced by burning coal and oil are dissolved in the atmosphere.

4) VERB If you produce evidence or an argument, you show it or explain it to people in order to make them agree with you.

[V n] They challenged him to produce evidence to support his allegations...

[V n] Scientists have produced powerful arguments against his ideas.

5) VERB If you produce an object from somewhere, you show it or bring it out so that it can be seen.

[V n] To hire a car you must produce a passport and a current driving licence...

[V n] She produced the knife during arguments with her friends.

6) VERB If someone produces something such as a film, a magazine, or a record, they organize it and decide how it should be done.

[V n] He has produced his own sports magazine called Yes Sport...

[V n] He produced `A Chorus Line', Broadway's longest running show.

7) N-UNCOUNT Produce is food or other things that are grown in large quantities to be sold.

We manage to get most of our produce in Britain...

Winter produce will cost more for the next few weeks.

English dictionary. 2008.

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